happy birthday grandma juju!

It’s my mama’s birthday! Last year Elle and I were down visiting her on her birthday and I spent the long vacation watching my mom love on my baby, drinking delicious wine and foamy coffees, taking sweet sunny walks in the desert, and sitting in front of the fire.

Wish we were doing that again this year, but cheers to my mama who I just adore! Many good wishes for a fantastic year doing all of the things that you love 😘

christmas 2018 🎁🧣🎄

We had a wonderful Christmas this year with two grandmas and a white Christmas morning! I barely got any pictures, but Elle was adorable in her candy cane jammies, playing with all of the new toys from friends and family near & far!

We also had a big surprise in that Cathy got engaged! So exciting!

beeg beeg day-dee!

Gosh, Cakey, where do I even start with you? You are growing up too fast! Some things about you these days:

  • You say a bunch of words! My favorite right now is “dayyyy-dee!” for baby. You finally named Grandma Cathleen as “Nana”! You say “dat” when you want to know what something is, and you say a lot of “na na no no” when you get told to stop doing something.
  • You like to throw your food to Moose and then tell us that it’s a no-no.
  • Your favorite thing is to be pulled around the house on a blanket by Dada. It’s hard to pull when Moose gets on, and you’ve got to be careful when Dada gets you too close to the dining table & chairs.
  • You give some sweet kisses and cuddles. You love to cuddle a blanket or stuffed animal (maybe Santa knows something about that??).
  • You’re almost too big for nursing these days. It’s just arms and legs everywhere!
  • When you play Patty Cake and do “rolllllll it”, your arms crack me up!
  • Where the heck are the rest of your teeth??
  • You like cucumber, which is great since you don’t love many veggies yet 😦
  • I love the feeling of your little hands; they are so soft and precious.
  • You like when I pet your hair.
  • Sometimes you squeak and squeal really loud for no reason and it makes me laugh!
  • At the risk of jinxing it, you are a great sleeper right now.
  • Most of all, your Mama & Dada are so proud of you. Your personality really shows, and you are curious, sweet, headstrong, and hilarious! I’m so glad that you’re turning into you!