updates: toddler edition

Baby deedee,

You are seriously in toddler land right now! Your attention span is short, your will is strong, your tongue trills are extremely loud. But you give the best lovies, are sweet down to your core, and your mama is impressed every day! Right now:


  • You are putting 2-, 3-, and 4-word phrases together all the time. And sometimes longer! Can anyone say “Candoon [candle] light! Blow out smoke!!”??
  • …First it was “cahn”, then “cah-gn”, and now “candoon”. I know you’ve said “candle” before, but only when you’re really working on it. Candles are your absolute favorite thing, which is why you get to blow one out when you are…
  • …Potty training! Mostly peepee in your “pilates” [potty], but you’re getting there and it won’t be long now. But let’s not rush it.. you learn at your own speed and mama doesn’t want you to get frustrated.
  • Running, getting scraped knees, and squealing when you are chased. You love to play and run! ..and swing! ..and go down the slide!
  • Loving your family and friends! We hear “Juju”, “Aa-ee” [auntie], “LUUUKE, Rissuh, BABBBYYY BEHNNN”, “Gweggie” all the time!
  • You are so in love with ALL of your lovies: Mimi (Mango Margo II), Gussy, Piggy. And your new Griffin that you named “Peacock”. Because you love when Big Momma takes you to see the Peacock at Lattin’s farm. Peacock the Griffin came from your dad’s alma mater!
  • You. Are. Obsessed. With. Trains. We have many “twain” books, and usually read you the Goodnight Train at bedtime. It’s getting set to roll, and being shined and filled with coal! “Twain LOUD light fuhLASH!”
  • Daddy reads you a book every night, while mama rocks you in your chair. You light to get “cohssy” with your blankie and twiddle your hair as daddy reads. Then, you give a kissy and huggy, daddy turns out the light, and you give mama the best cuddles while mama sings you your songs. Then, very quietly, you say “more song pleassseeee-oo”. Mama then rests you in your bed, puts your lovies-of-the-day all over you, and then all of your blankies follow, topped off with the “big one” (the quilt Juju made you) and a forehead kiss.

There’s really so much that you’re doing that it’s hard to put down into writing. You are the sweetest tornado that has ever been. “Love love!”