4 months old!


December 30, 2016: Happy 4 months, Elle! It’s so great that Grandma Julie has been here for your first Christmas, you turning 4 months, and the new year!

Nicknames: Bells, Hunny Bunny, LP, Chipmunker, Kitten, Elle-Belle, Ellie-Bellie, Kiddo, Baby Cakes, Cakesie

Favorite things: Playing in the bath, sticking her tongue out, reaching and grabbing/pulling things to her mouth, her new noise (!!), her new bouncer, her bam-bams

Least favorite things: After the bath, bedtime.

Other notes:

  • Grandma Julie had her flight canceled, good thing she made it by Christmas!
  • Ellie only sleeps in her crib now, we are done with the traditional swaddle and are just using Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit
  • We are following The Happy Sleeper method and are working on finding the right time for her bedtime. She is great going down for naps but hates going to sleep! Sometimes she wakes up a ton all night and sometimes she’ll sleep for like 7 hours and fall back asleep after a change and a feeding!
  • We have a bath-reading-sleeping bedtime. She falls asleep well to Louis reading (but has a hard time being set down)
  • She likes to hold on to fingers and pull herself to a sitting position

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