six months old!


February 28, 2017: You are 6 months old today, Elle!

Favorite things: Sitting up! Reaching and grabbing, aggressively playing with toys, “hoooooo-eee!”, when daddy walks up to her with an overly happy expression on his face, bath time (which is getting wild!), “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-booooo, tiny tiny tiny tiny youuuuuu!”, being carried everywhere

Least favorite things: Bonking her head when she falls over, having her nose rubbed/wiped, the Nose Frida, being stuck in a seat that she doesn’t want to be in

  • For a whole week, you have slept through the night really well! Almost 10 hours per night, every night! After many nights of poor sleep, we decided to move your crib to your own room across the house. Now you get your double white noise cranked up and no one else in the room to wake you up! I was very nervous, but we can hear you from our room and have had no problems at all!
  • Once you’re helped up into the sitting position, you can sit for quite some time! It happened so fast. One day, you were so wobbly and the next you decided you could sit on your own! And, you’re getting steadier and steadier!
  • You’re a funny baby! You make us laugh by growling at us, going crazy in the bath, having a ton of expressions and sounds, and going bananas in your bouncer!
  • You can spin all the way around in your bouncer and work whatever toy you want!
  • You had a car seat upgrade because you are nearly grown out of your infant seat. We also got a small stroller for things like running short errands. You’re more predictable now, so it’s easier to go places.
  • When you get a diaper change or are upset/tired/stressed, I sing to you: “Oh Ellie, you are my little girl, and you are tiny kitten, and you are mama’s world!”. It almost always calms you down. You love songs!

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