back to work

I started back to work and it certainly has been a mixed bag of emotions! I had one big cry about leaving Ellie and going back, but I am so fortunate to have a job that I love, working with great people! Louis is staying home with Elle on Mondays, and she is staying with my auntie part-time on Tuesday-Thursdays. I am off on Fridays with her. Although I miss her while I am not with her, I feel very comfortable with her with being with Lou and my auntie, so it feels like I am getting the best of both worlds right now.

My coworkers/friends were so great when I came back! I have a great room to pump in so that I can continue to provide food for Ellie when she is not with me. I also have a little backup stash, and am lucky that I don’t have to worry or stress about making enough milk right now. The biggest challenge is working my mushy brain and catching on everything that I missed while I was gone!

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