Elle, you are growing so fast! 

You are taller and are getting a little bit of baby chunk on you. I love your chubber chighs!

You used to look so small in your crib, but now I wonder how much longer you have in there.

You are working on mastering sitting up, but are also very interested in having us help you stand over and over. It’s only a matter of time before you’re walking, and you might skip crawling all together.

You are in between nursing and eating solids. You’re almost there, but not quite ready. I’m secretly happy about that because it took us so long to be comfortable nursing! Even your swallowing is changing. It used to be so delicate, soft, and such a huge effort for you… your soft little clicks. Now it is intentional and effortless, and usually comes with a dental exam for me. Unless you’re tired, you are too busy being busy to want to nurse for very long.

You respond to a routine quite well, even if it changes often. You have turned in to a half decent sleeper these days! It might not last forever, but the sleep our whole family is getting is so, so sweet for now. You did well with travel and time change!

You have your own sense of humor. Certain sounds are funny. Certain faces are funny. Moose is almost always funny if he’s playing around you! Shaking toys is funny. Papa pulling you around on the floor is funny.

You love to look at books and try to turn the pages. You also eat them.

Elle, you are still so small!

Your whole body is still so soft. Bam bams, kick kicks, and thighs. There is nothing sweeter. Your back is so soft and smooth! Cheeks so kissable.

You still love to snuggle in to me, especially in the mornings. Your cuddles are the sweetest things. You love to hold bam bams, and have me pull you in tight.

Nothing makes you look smaller than Papa holding you!

You little sounds are still so soft and sweet. Sometimes they’re loud, but still untrained.. “ah-nyah ah-nyah ah-nyah!”

Everything amazes you. Grass, the feel of Moose’s fur. Hair. Crinkly things. String.

You still have a bald spot and little wispy hair. It’s growing in, but barely. Your strawberry blonde hair sparkles in the sun.

Still no teeth!

You are learning so much, so fast. It’s impossible to savor it all, no matter how hard I try. It’s impossible to wish you were staying little while wishing you would grow just a little faster! For you, it’s the perfect speed. And for that, I am thrilled. I am so excited to see what’s next, but I am going to try my hardest to remember these in between, bittersweet moments.

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