7 months old!


Cakey, you are 7 months old!

Favorite things: Finding her voice, Moose (even if he’s not doing anything interesting), making this very odd “huuuuuuuuuuuuuu” sound, everything she isn’t supposed to have: strings, her bottle of Vitamin D drops, cell phones

Least favorite things: Every food in the world, being set down abruptly, being on your tummy

  • You definitely know what you do and don’t want these days!
  • You sleep well through the night most nights. Sleep is still so, so sweet to us.
  • You love daddy staying home with you on Mondays!
  • …and you love Aunty Amy and smile when you see her!
  • You are very interested in books and new toys.
  • I love watching you inspect toys closely, and pass them from hand to hand. Your hands are so small, but you are developing your dexterity and it’s really fun to watch!
  • You like to come in the bed in the morning to nurse and cuddle before we get up. It is my absolute most favorite thing.

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