eleven months old!

July 30, 2017:

Favorite things: Bouncing, playing on the couch, playing in the grass, scooting around, playing with grandma

Least favorite things: Being stuck on the airplane, food/high chair, being over-tired, the middle of the night!

Cakey, you had a big month!

  • You are saying “mama” and “dada”!
  • We went to SLC!
  • Mama turned 30 and Moose turned 2!
  • You got roseola the day before mama’s 30th birthday. It was heartbreaking to see the energy sapped out of you. Luckily, you recovered quickly!
  • Grandma Cathleen (Ninner!) came and visited us, and we all decided that it would be awesome if she moved up to Washington with us and watched you while Mama & Dada worked! You love spending time together and she is BAMAZEEN with you!
  • Our besties moved back to the east coast.. we are very sad but wish them well on their new adventures! We can’t wait to see them again soon!
  • You love when someone walks into your room when you’re waking up from nap or night time! Your face lights up and you happy squeal and you bounce up and down!
  • You will play and chatter by yourself for a little bit now. We love to see what intrigues you!

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