14 months

Elle, you are so big-big now! You learn so fast. Here are just a few of the things about you:

  • You talk! You say “dada”, “mama”, “baby”, “no no!”, “bap bap” (bath), “night night”, “light”, “uh oh!”, “nose”, “ball”, “num num” (food/hungry). You also sign “more” and “all done”
  • You walk and run – You have been done with your scooting for a long time
  • You love to go out! In the yard, park, store, children’s museum, or wherever
  • You are learning about bodies. You can point to eyes, nose, ears, hair, and more! You think bellybuttons are funny (they are)
  • You love books! Recently, grammy took you to the library and checked out some books with you!
  • You wave at people constantly
  • You love your little baby doll
  • You’re sleeping through the night, but your nap schedule is changing
  • You’re almost weened, but not quite
  • You love Moose!
  • You like to stack your blocks
  • You have two teeth (on the bottom). You like to have them brushed at bath time!

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