beeg beeg day-dee!

Gosh, Cakey, where do I even start with you? You are growing up too fast! Some things about you these days:

  • You say a bunch of words! My favorite right now is “dayyyy-dee!” for baby. You finally named Grandma Cathleen as “Nana”! You say “dat” when you want to know what something is, and you say a lot of “na na no no” when you get told to stop doing something.
  • You like to throw your food to Moose and then tell us that it’s a no-no.
  • Your favorite thing is to be pulled around the house on a blanket by Dada. It’s hard to pull when Moose gets on, and you’ve got to be careful when Dada gets you too close to the dining table & chairs.
  • You give some sweet kisses and cuddles. You love to cuddle a blanket or stuffed animal (maybe Santa knows something about that??).
  • You’re almost too big for nursing these days. It’s just arms and legs everywhere!
  • When you play Patty Cake and do “rolllllll it”, your arms crack me up!
  • Where the heck are the rest of your teeth??
  • You like cucumber, which is great since you don’t love many veggies yet 😦
  • I love the feeling of your little hands; they are so soft and precious.
  • You like when I pet your hair.
  • Sometimes you squeak and squeal really loud for no reason and it makes me laugh!
  • At the risk of jinxing it, you are a great sleeper right now.
  • Most of all, your Mama & Dada are so proud of you. Your personality really shows, and you are curious, sweet, headstrong, and hilarious! I’m so glad that you’re turning into you!


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