14 months

Elle, you are so big-big now! You learn so fast. Here are just a few of the things about you:

  • You talk! You say “dada”, “mama”, “baby”, “no no!”, “bap bap” (bath), “night night”, “light”, “uh oh!”, “nose”, “ball”, “num num” (food/hungry). You also sign “more” and “all done”
  • You walk and run – You have been done with your scooting for a long time
  • You love to go out! In the yard, park, store, children’s museum, or wherever
  • You are learning about bodies. You can point to eyes, nose, ears, hair, and more! You think bellybuttons are funny (they are)
  • You love books! Recently, grammy took you to the library and checked out some books with you!
  • You wave at people constantly
  • You love your little baby doll
  • You’re sleeping through the night, but your nap schedule is changing
  • You’re almost weened, but not quite
  • You love Moose!
  • You like to stack your blocks
  • You have two teeth (on the bottom). You like to have them brushed at bath time!

first tooth!

Elle just got her first tooth! She’s 12.5 months, so we’re a little late to the game. She’s been a sad, sore-mouthed girl. Now that the little pokey dagger has popped through, hopefully she’ll feel better!

first birthday party


Elle’s first birthday party was awesome! She celebrated with family and friends, and then crashed hard. Grandma Julie came up from California and helped me cook all sorts of delicious food! We had pulled pork with a bunch of sides, and carrot cake cupcakes. Elle’s reaction to the cupcakes was classic. All in all, it was a wonderful day! We are so fortunate to have so many people who love our little girl.

(official) first birthday πŸ’•


August 30, 2017: Wow, one year old. I can’t believe it! There are no words to describe how amazing it has been to see you grow up through your first year. How far our little family has come! Though we are celebrating your birthday next weekend, Mama & Dada had a special birthday lunch with you at the capitol campus.

Likes: Some food finally!! First tooth, first steps, sleeping through the night!, playing on the couch, scooting, walking along things, riding on shoulders, Moose’s velvet ears, opening and inspecting books

Dislikes: Bonking, most foods

Some notables:

  • You told mama “No no no!”
  • Your favorite book is “Moo Baa La La La”
  • Your personality is really starting to grow!
  • You are headstrong and inquisitive.
  • You love to watch faces, and words are intriguing to you!
  • You are not often cuddly (too busy!), so when you do cuddle, it’s the best!
  • You love to play a game with Mama: You say “ah!” and then I say it back, and we repeat for a long time! You kick your legs along with your “ah”s!

first birthday eve

Just put my baby down as an infant, and will pick her up as a one year old toddler tomorrow. A year ago I was losing my mind in labor. And then a few hours later, out came little Cakey! The stitching, the painful nursing, and then things started improving. Smiling, rolling, sitting, sleeping, a little talking and a little walking. I am in awe of this little girl and my heart is so full. And I am also a little teary and trying to grasp the upcoming changes. It doesn’t feel real!