bedroom upgrade

After years of random furniture and terrible lighting in our bedroom, we decided to get some actual big-kid furniture (not pictured: dresser and mirror)! It’s so cozy in the room now, it’s my little oasis from the world. The side tables came unfinished, because y’know it wouldn’t be our house if there weren’t a project involved! Big thanks to Lou & Cathleen for doing most of the sanding, painting, and assembly. Love it!


14 months

Elle, you are so big-big now! You learn so fast. Here are just a few of the things about you:

  • You talk! You say “dada”, “mama”, “baby”, “no no!”, “bap bap” (bath), “night night”, “light”, “uh oh!”, “nose”, “ball”, “num num” (food/hungry). You also sign “more” and “all done”
  • You walk and run – You have been done with your scooting for a long time
  • You love to go out! In the yard, park, store, children’s museum, or wherever
  • You are learning about bodies. You can point to eyes, nose, ears, hair, and more! You think bellybuttons are funny (they are)
  • You love books! Recently, grammy took you to the library and checked out some books with you!
  • You wave at people constantly
  • You love your little baby doll
  • You’re sleeping through the night, but your nap schedule is changing
  • You’re almost weened, but not quite
  • You love Moose!
  • You like to stack your blocks
  • You have two teeth (on the bottom). You like to have them brushed at bath time!